Matthew Kirdahy writes in Forbes about why employees become dis-satisfied at work.

The article has an interview with Mike Robbins , author of ” Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation “(Jossey-Bass, $19.95). Mike talks about the value and importance of acknowledging a job well done.

According to the Department of Labour, 64% of working Americans leave their jobs because they don’t feel appreciated, while Gallup research shows that 70% of working Americans say they receive no praise or recognition on the job.

I asked myself. Why is it so hard to say “Well Done”? Here are a few of the more common reasons (excuses, really?) that I have heard:

  • Praise spoils the recipients. They will ask for more.
  • Spoils my image of being a tough boss.
  • Can’t praise one and not praise all. Devalues standards.

What are the reasons you have heard for not saying “Well done!”?