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This blog was started in 2006. I was professionally active then, busy with training, coaching, and consulting. I was fascinated with the concept of Work Life Balance as I saw people around me scramble to achieve a good balance and be successful at work and play. From here came the title of the blog,  “People at Work & Play”.

In the first post on 8/9/2006 titled Work Life Balance, I wrote, ” This is a platform for me : to share my thoughts on how people are coping in a fiercely competitive and “more-demanding-by-the day” world.”

Today we are in October 2016. You would have noticed that my last post was two months ago. Such a long gap between posts would never have happened before. This set me thinking. I have been “retired” professionally for 6 years. I am no longer as interested in People Management practices, Talent Management, Human Resource Management, and Consulting as I then was. So, after 1270 posts, 324,783 views and 89062 visitors, this is to say this blog will taper off over time. I may post once in a while but it will not be a high priority activity for me.

Thanks to all of you who have followed this blog. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did.