The University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business recently announced the launching of the Enid Fogel Diversity Scholarship.

The scholarship is instituted in memory of Enid Fogel, the school’s first African-American associate Dean. She was the associate dean of students from 1981 to 1988.

Her husband, the 1993 Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Fogel, credited her work as a researcher in helping him succeed in his career. Robert Fogel is the Charles R. Walgreen Distinguished Service Professor of American Institutions at Chicago GSB.

The Enid Fogel Diversity Scholarship will provide at least $50,000 to be used for tuition for qualified students in the full time MBA program. Current tuition at Chicago GSB is approximately $89,000 for the two-year program.

“This scholarship will help us attract more of the most talented individuals from all backgrounds, across diverse racial and gender lines,” said Edward Snyder, dean of the school.

The Enid Fogel Diversity Scholarship is part of the Initiative for Diversity at the Chicago GSB. The three goals of the Initiative are to:

  1. Attract exceptional MBA candidates from diverse backgrounds
  2. Build resources to ensure support for underrepresented students
  3. Raise the profile of Chicago GSB as a business force bringing together many diverse voices in the pursuit of excellence.

Chicago GSB is a pioneer in diversity programs. In 1964, it created the first scholarship program for African-Americans at a major business school. In the 1980s, Chicago GSB became the first business school with a dedicated staff to support underrepresented minorities. In 2005, Chicago GSB was named the outstanding educational institution of the year by the National Black MBA Association.