Today is a Saturday – a holiday and the mood is much lighter at homes the world over.This prompts me to write in somewhat lighter vein.

As the old saying goes ” God is in the details”. Often small mistakes are made which cause us a good deal of embarrassment. This may be -on the face of it- due to machines malfunctioning or a technology glitch but really it can be tracked down to a human error- plain and simple.

  • At a recent health check, I got numbers which were mind boggling, particularly with reference to those of the last test. My tension was set at rest only when my doctor apologized and assured me that the digits had got interchanged.
  • A gentleman called Rama Subramaniam boarded a night train for Chennai from Bengaluru cheerfully only to find that he had been allotted a berth in the ladies coupe as Rama can also be a ladies name-depending on how it is pronounced.
  • During a recent Conference, Major General Hakit Singh Retd, now 60 + years old, twirled his moustache in indignation and anguish when he was repeatedly called Major Singh or just Major by other attendees- as that was the name printed in the program brochure. Many wondered how this grizzled veteran hadn’t gone beyond the rank of Major.
  • In Portland, Oregon, 71 year old John Pippen, we are told, was informed on discharge that he was indeed pregnant.

At a party, a visiting guest, a somewhat portly lady was looking for her spectacles. Since the colour of the frame matched that of the sofa, she ended up sitting on the spectacles. Not too much damage was done-either to her spectacles or to her body-but she retrieved the situation by brightly announcing that perhaps hindsight was better than foresight.

But that’s said in jest, foresight is always better than hindsight!

It’s a good idea to check whatever you write- sometimes the most awful mistakes take place in emails sent in a hurry.

You don’t have to a perfectionist but you must have an eye for detail.

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