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Organisations in a competitive world are so engrossed with improving profits and delivering better results for their share holders that sometimes they are forgetting the most important person in the business cycle- the customer. Rules are formed and organisations structured in ways to suit internal requirements. Processes are chalked to seemingly improve internal speed of delivery without caring to stop and think what this does to the ultimate recipient of the service.

Frequently over specialization and departmentalisation compels the customer to be tossed from one place to another ( often in disparate locations) before their complaint is resolved. For example, ” Sorry, we deal only with goods under warranty here in Bangalore, for those outside warranty you need to contact our office in Gurgoan”.

Most of us go back to a store based not just on the product we bought but indeed by the serrvice we received while buying that product. The experience we had at the store really determines our next buying decsion. If the experience was good we are far more likely to go back to that store.

Dr. Janelle Barlow is an expert in customer service. Her recent book called ” A Complaint is A Gift” speaks of the need for organisations to see complaints as a live here and now opportunity to understand what the customer thinks of your product or service.

Read an interesting Q & A interview with Dr. Barlow in the Business Standard.

I am sure this will help you re-focus on the person who ultimately matters the most- your customer.

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