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“Beware! Your boss is Watching” is an article by Rex Roy in AOL which speaks of measures business organizations are taking these days to make sure their employees are not goofing off or cheating on them. As Roy writes: Companies are in business to make money and managers want productive employees.

The top ten ways of monitoring employees are:

RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Cards, In-Office Cameras, Office E-Mail, Office Phones, Mobile Phones, Office Computers, Office Networks, Printer Servers, Google Alerts  &  Black Boxes.

While I certainly do not support willful misuse of organizational resources ( and I am not talking of people yet), I believe the responsibility of communicating “What’s Right & What’s Not” is that of individual managers.

Every month -and I speak of our experience in India in particular- thousands upon thousands join the workforce, many of them working for the first time. It is common for organizations to hire young interns or fresh graduates from colleges in large numbers. Most of them come from an environment very different from the more conventional corporate life. Some of their behaviours would be considered unacceptable in corporate circles.

Using technology as they do, it is quite common for them to “download and share” music, movies and material in ways which could get them into trouble if they did the same at work.

It is your responsibility as a manager to clearly lay down “the way we do things here” and communicate this effectively to your team. Not knowing the law, they say, is no excuse for breaking the law.

You would do well to ensure that the talent you have wooed and hired at considerable cost is not lost to you due to silly mistakes made more in jest than anything else.

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