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Came across this post in BusinessWeek in which Jena McGregor wrote about an organisation called WorkBlu and an interesting concept called “workplace democracy”.

The founder of WorkBlu, Tracy Fenton, elaborates on what organizational democracy is. As Tracy writes: Organizational democracy acknowledges that democracy should not, and cannot, be limited to the political sphere alone but can also be extended to organizations – with effective, empowering, and profitable results.

Will far too many corporate managers have difficulty with the voting concept, asks Jena. I don’t think it is Tracy’s view that every decision should be voted upon to emphasize the democratic feeling. What it means is that the “voice” of the workforce should be heard and considered before taking a decision.

In my view, getting the pulse of the workforce on important decisions is crucial. When you are implementing large scale changes, it is prudent to get inputs from many different people within the organization. Likewise, monitoring the pulse of the workforce using both formal and informal means, often gives you valuable insight to the way your people think.

I am majorly in favour of a strong communication strategy. This is used to position and sell the change, taking into consideration, your assessment of the voice of the workforce.

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