How does Kris Srikkanth deal with conflict of interest? He is the Chairman of the Selectors for cricket in India. He has much influence in making or marring careers. A boost up from him can change the life of a budding cricketer. A rejection from him can make someone plummet from the high of being one of India’s most sought after to being just another cricketer in a cricket crazy country. Yet isn’t he having a conflict of interest following the IPL?

We are told that he is the Brand Ambassador of the Chennai Super Kings. He is often seen on TV speaking of the team. Isn’t that unfair to guys like Murali Vijay or S. Bhadrinath? The moment they are selected for India, everyone would say it is because of Srikkanth’s Chennai Super Kings connection! If they are not selected, it is unfair to them. If they are selected, Srikkanth will always have some explaining to do with the usual allegations of partiality etc.

The best thing is to not have a conflict of interest situation. Very simple but Srikkanth is not alone in this. His boss in CSK is  Mr. N. Srinivasan who not only owns CSK  but also happens to be the very powerful Secretary of the Board of Cricket in India.

Did someone say something about conflict of…what was that?