In April, I had posted about the potential conflict of interest in cricket. Srikkanth and his boss at Chennai Super Kings, N. Srinivasan were the more obvious examples. Of course, Srinivasan, the current Secreatary of the powerful BCCI ( Board of Control for Cricket in India) has clarified that he bought Chennai Super Kings when IPL was first floated with the full knowledge and approval of the BCCI. The good news is that recently the Supreme Court has suggested that he be an owner of an IPL team or a top honcho of BCCI but not  both. Whether this will become an order remains to be seen.I guess this may be one of the easiest of judgments to make. It is so blatantly obvious. The principle of conflict of interest is steeped in ethics. You cannot profit from one position by virtue of holding another. Period. .

Let’s hope this judgement- if and when it comes about- will have a sobering effect on sports in India where most Federations are run by politicians. Suresh Kalmadi is a major example. Many have been heads of Federations for decades. Mani Shanker Iyer, one of the main opponents of the Commonwealth Games spoke strongly about the rot in Indian sport in Tehelka

Has the time come to have a new BCCI- that is Board of Control for Conflict of Interest for Sport in India?