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India is seeing an impressive 12 % growth in employment says an article in the Economic Times. My city of Bengaluru ( Bangalore) is in the fore front of this growth. While there are many job opportunities, people in the hiring business keep telling me that good talent is still scarce.

With the best of talent being scarce, hiring sensibly becomes paramount for success. After all, it’s not about the number of people you hire, it’s about the kind of people you hire. Needless to say, mistakes made in hiring are expensive.

They result in :

  • damage to customer relations and customer satisfaction
  • loss of productivity and morale which directly impacts profitability
  • resultant drop in employee satisfaction which hinders team work and effective performance
  • adverse impact on organizational culture

To compound this, the impact of a wrong hire is felt much more if the mistake is made at senior levels.

In this context, the old adage of “Hiring for Attitude and Training for Skills” becomes very important. As this article by Peter Carbonara in Fast Company highlights, hiring the right people is the secret of effective leaders. You can’t build, he writes, a great company without great people. A must read for those involved in hiring.

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