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As you know, I have started a series here called “Interesting People” where I spoke of “Chess Anand” Iyer and Nandini Vijayaraghavan. If you liked these interviews, you might like to follow a new series that I have started in my writing blog, “Writing To Be Read.” This blog is largely about books, authors and writing.

In this series, which I have called “Meet The Author” I hope to chat with authors about their work, their schedule and what keeps them going.

The first in this series is with Andaleeb Wajid. I hope you will enjoy the interview. The next interview will be with Abhijit Bhaduri on February 15. This will be followed by one with Sheila Kumar on March 1. As of now the last lined up is Vikram Sampath on March 15.

There are likely to be more to follow. Fingers crossed.