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The Merriam- Webster Dictionary defines ” innovation ” as : 1. the introduction of something new, and 2. a new idea, method or device. When we think of many of the world’s leading products, we remember stories of how someone somewhere thought of a new way to address a need, or a different way to address a problem.We have all heard of the Sony Walkman story which enabled people to listen to music n the move. Legend has it that Akio Morita wanted to listen to operas during his trans-Pacific trips. The product made history consequent to its release way back in the late 1970s.

Another interesting thing I remember from my MBA student days is the concept of serendipity, where someone’s aim is to seek a particular thing and lands up discovering something else wholly by accident. EHow has this interesting list of Famous Serendipitous Discoveries which include products as diverse as penicillin and dynamite!

More recently, I came across this very interesting article by Alan Hall in Forbes titled “10 Simple Product Ideas That Made Billions.” 

Aren’t these amazing stories? What strikes me is that human creativity has fashioned these products. Admittedly, most of us may not have been creative enough to think of products such as these, but there is no doubt that we can be creative in our own ways in our respective spheres of life.

So don’t think anything is beyond your capability. If you stretch those brain cells, often we think of and do things we did not know we were capable of thinking and doing! Light that spark. The next sizzling product idea may come from you!