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Some people seem to be more hooked on stats. than others. I have always been interested in stats. and here are a few that caught my attention in articles in the DNA newspaper of the recent past:-

  • 400,000 passengers travel daily in Bangalore’s BMTC’s air-conditioned buses. A figure much higher than I imagined. They will have to pay 4.5 % more in view of the hike in diesel prices.
  • The nine franchises spent a total of $ 11.89 million in the auction for the sixth edition of the IPL. Despite this only 37 of the 108 players in the fray found a buyer. One of the lucky guys was South Africa’s Chris Morris who said he had never seen this kind of money before.
  • You have heard of a done deal, well here’s a Dell deal. The company started by Michael Dell will now go private in a landmark $ 24.4 billion deal in a leveraged buy out deal.
  • In a shocking statement, Rob Wainwright, director of Europol announced that as many as 680 soccer games may have been fixed, including qualifying games for the World Cup and the European Championship.
  • Rs. 5-8 crores is the average spending per serious candidate on a Lok Sabha seat according to the Center for Media Studies and Association for Democratic Reforms.

Wouldn’t you agree these stats. have a huge impact on the stories themselves?