The festive season made me choose this topic for today’s post. The holiday and festive season makes people hog more than they normally would or should! Rich dishes, tasty treats and a series of feasts makes us throw caution to the winds as we sink our teeth into the delicacies. ” Calories be damned!” goes the word. It’s only later that the calorie conscious scurry for cover as they check their weights post the festivities!

For me, a brisk walk of 45 minutes is mandatory as per my heart specialists. I should do this not just for today or tomorrow but for every single day of my life! In this context, to be abreast of the latest findings on the subject of fitness and exercise, read this article by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times. She writes If You Are Fit, You Can Take It Easy.

I have observed that one of life’s principles which is so very easy to forget is “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”. Many drive their bodies to wrecks before realizing the damage they are causing to themselves. If you are looking for a simple resolution for the New Year, why don’t you think of Taking Better Care Of Yourself? You will do a lot of good to your family and yourself.