This day had to come! The way people, especially youngsters, are hooked to their mobiles and internet,  the findings of researchers after an international study are not at all surprising. A research team from the University of Maryland found these people could be afflicted with Information Deprivation Disorder. The team found that volunteers who were made to stay away from their cell phones and internet for 24 hours, showed pretty much the same symptoms of deprivation as those who try to quit smoking would. In short, this too, is a huge addiction. I have seen people crossing busy city roads totally immersed in their texting, quite oblivious to the chaos around them!

Quitting smoking or giving up on drugs is a difficult process where you have to recalibrate your mind and body to do without the stimulus that you were getting from the substance. It seems to be true too with the thirst for information and the need to be updated. You crave to know what is going on- with your friends and in your world.

I would argue that Information Deprivation Disorder is not restricted to the young. With the higher degree of mobility these days, I won’t at all be surprised to find that many older people too feel these pangs. When was the last time, for instance, you checked for a text message, a Facebook status update or a tweet?