Even calling them ultra-luxury might actually be a misnomer. The apartments that Prestige Developers is putting up in liquor baron Dr. Vijay Mallya’s property in the heart of Bangalore will cost you a cool $ 4 million .  Yes, you heard right.  The figure is 4 million USD.  Are there people around who can afford such apartments, you might ask. Sure,  there are. Otherwise, Dr. Mallya wouldn’t be knocking down his ancestral bungalow to have such a complex built in its place.

The wealthy in India continue to grow more wealthy! According to Forbes magazine, the combined net worth of the country’s 100 wealthiest people grew to an astounding $ 300 billion this year. It was pointed out that this figure translates to a quarter of India’s GDP!!

We have demonstrations of wealth such as this on one hand and tales of poverty on the other. India is supposed to have fully one-third of the world’s poor. So the paradox that is India continues to astound one.