A combination of health issues and a renewed focus on my old passion for writing prompted me to gradually switch off from my earlier work as a talent management specialist, lately engaged in executive coaching and take up writing almost on a full-time basis. When people  ask “What do you do?” I haven’t got around to saying ” I am an author” yet as my debut novel “It Can’t Be You” is yet to be published! But I will seriously consider saying this after it hits the stands in December 2010. By then I would have worked in the field of talent management for over 36 years.

More often than not I have said ” I am semi-retired” which is an answer that seems to satisfy many.  In this context, this article in the New York Times recently caught my attention. It’s titled “Taking Early Retirement May Retire Memory Too” . I fully agree with the ” use it or lose it” school of thought. Just as it applies for your physique, your muscles and so on, surely it applies for your intellectually capabilities too. I have found writing to be very challenging. It seems far easier than it sounds. I realize a huge amount of work goes into the making of a novel. To keep your memory sharp and your wits about you, it is crucial that you keep yourself immersed in your interests.

I look forward to many years of writing ahead of me…with my memory reasonably intact!