Recent developments in technology have given us a spate of new products and services which together constitute what’s being known as a smart home. You are busy at work and you need no longer worry whether your TV is still on or whether your garage is closed as these tasks can be done for you electronically. Likewise, you can program the kind of music you like to play at certain times of the day, the curtains to be drawn at a particular time and even get your coffee heated at regular times. Smart homes are designed by getting all your appliances to talk to each other.

In this vein, it was interesting to read in the New York Times of a robot developed to guard your home when you are away. You may have to say ” Down, Robot” rather than ” Down, boy” as this could be as effective as your pet dog in guarding your house.

With developments like these, a day may come when you need to identify yourself to the robot on guard, otherwise you might not be let into your own house.