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A recent article in the New York Times points to the large number of women who are getting back to work– having to choose a job because of the effect the recession has had on their families. Husbands have lost their jobs and/or the economics of a single person working no longer give them the comforts that they were used to.

They are- for the most part- well educated and qualified who chose years ago to give up their careers for motherhood. They gave preference to bringing up their children. Some of them quit work a few years ago but some had quit more than a decade ago.

The new challenge for them is to supplement the family income by getting back to work. This is easier said than done. They must get a job in times where almost everyone is scrambling for one. Secondly, they cannot be too choosy about what they get. Some may have to accept jobs they wouldn’t have looked at in better times.

Thinking about the challenges such women face, a few points came to my mind:

  • Considering the unpredictability of  the economy, it is necessary for a woman giving up her job to stay in touch with her business/industry- even when she is not working.
  • It’s a good idea to keep in touch with your profession through short term contractual work or specialized project work which gives you the flexibility of working from home.
  • Starting something on your own is a good idea as long as it is something you can handle- even if  it is on a smaller scale.

For those who have managed to get jobs, I am sure re- adjusting to a new schedule and demands at the workplace will add to their stress. But I guess it’s time for everyone to chip in- in whatever way they can.