You must have heard this question a million times before: Are leaders born or made? Here comes another: “Are entrepreneurs born or made? ”  asks Scott A. Shane, Professor of  Entrepreneurial Studies at Case Western. What do you think?

My thoughts go like this:-

  • Sure – some entrepreneurial traits can and often are inherited. Risk taking, being creative and having a very inquisitive bent of mind are but a few examples of such traits.
  • People with these traits need not all become entrepreneurs. These traits often exist within individuals but can surface whenever an opportunity presents itself.
  • I firmly believe that more than being born, entrepreneurs are made. It is the environment that brings out the best in them. They blossom given certain circumstances and are quick to seize opportunities to create something new.
  • Many entrepreneurs did not have a family background or heritage of business or entrepreneurship- yet were eminently successful.

The debate can rage on- and I am sure it will. I ask you once again- what do you think?