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A few news items that grabbed my attention in the past few days feature in today’s blog post. I found them interesting- and amusing. Perhaps reflective of today’s day and age. Doctors, at least a few of them, seem to take pride in uploading pictures of their surgeries, with or without the consent of their patients says this article in the Times of India. As usual, Facebook is a target for such ‘bragging rights”. Imagine one doctor telling another, ” The tumor I took out is bigger then the one you did” and watching with glee the increasing number of number of shares, likes and so on!

In the world of politics in India, the last few days have shown how Arvind Kejriwal has seized total control of the Aam Aadmi Party, firing Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav who were once considered very influential founder members of the party. I was more interested to see that Admiral L Ramdas the internal Lok Pal of the party was also sacked from his position. This is a bit thick, coming from a party which professed itself to be so different from the others. They had claimed they had an internal Lok Pal to oversee major conflicts in the party but looks like this was just a charade. I am a bit disappointed that the Admiral, a seasoned war veteran, chose to obey like a good soldier or sailor in this case, and not act as per his conscience and demands of the post he occupied.

To close today’s post, scientists studying monkeys share why they believe men grow beards!