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I continue to read extensively on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, subjects which have always held my interest. Two articles from “Entrepreneur” caught my attention in the recent past. “The Biggest Trends in Business of 2013″ is a very comprehensive account put out in December 2012 of trends taking place in the US in 2013 which could affect you as an entrepreneur.

You could cash in on these trends or figure out why you didn’t spot and take advantages of them. I found ‘The Workspace of the Future” and “Managers Who Understand The Importance of Goofing Off” of particular interest.

The next was an article by Stephen Key, co-Founder of InventRight,  who writes about “5 Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs.” I would like to add a point to Stephen’s list. I have noticed that some of the best ideas for a business have bombed because they were way ahead of their times. In short, the buying consumer was not prepared to pay for such an offering, or perhaps pay adequately to make the business a commercial success. While it is important  to look ahead and be innovative, the crux is to identify a business need that people are presently, or in the foreseeable future, pay a good price to buy.