My heart warms when I hear stories of people who have made it big by following their natural talents and passion. Here’s one  in the New York Times by Amy Wallace, I am sure you will like: It’s the story of  40 year old Cesar Millan- the Los Angeles based “Dog Whisperer”. Millan, an immigrant from Mexico, has over the years become an indispensable trainer and coach to the dogs of America’s rich and famous.

Hiss client list reads like a Who’s Who of America’s big names. What  I liked best was his perseverance in following his heart to a career which may sound unconventional but turns out to be extremely rewarding financially. His first three books have become best sellers on the New York Times and have sold two million copies.

Milan’s credo is that ” he rehabilitates dogs and trains people”. The extent to which his business has grown and become a best seller itself is reflected in his interesting website. See this for yourself here.

He is the master in dog psychology and teaches owners how they should be assertive and be seen as pack leaders by their pets. You should walk the dog, says Cesar. The dog should not walk you.

At the end, it’s all about body language and assertiveness. The same principles actually apply to people too, don’t they?

Should we say a congratulatory ‘Woof” to Cesar!