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Most HR folk have realized the need to have a strong web presence. They have participated in many social networks to gain from the experiences of others as well as share their own. HRM Today is one social network for HR folk that has grown tremendously over the years.

Now comes news that Laurie Ruettimann and Lance Haun its co-founders have decided to sell HRM Today through an auction on eBay. Sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? It must be one of the first cases of such an auction.

I respect their decision to sell it off as they have other priorities to concentrate on. HRM Today has over 1200 members and is one of the more active of such networks that are so common these days.

I have enjoyed participating in HRM Today and wish that Laurie and Lance get a good buyer who will grow this network in the way they would have liked it to.

Put in your bid pronto- the auction lasts till August 15.