The Carnival of HR is here. I have called it the Global Carnival because the issues discussed are relevant and applicable across the globe.

Participants have been arranged together in 6 clusters. In the first cluster, Louise Barnfield writes of the need for deliberate practice to pursue excellence. In similar vein and in her own distinctive style, Laurie Ruettimann speaks of Creative People, Superstars and Unemployment. We then learn leadership lessons from the Tours de France from Mike Haberman. Got ten minutes to spare? Spend them with Bill Kutik – named one of  the Top 25 HR Influencers in 2007 by HR World.

In this part of the field is the second cluster. Leading the way Kelly Dingee asks Sourcing Disappears? . Stephen Geraghty Harrison challenges you to attract Gen Y talent in ” Go ahead, Recruit Me“. Next door, Susan Burns asks about your branding as an employer to attract the best talent. Not every one in the Carnival is a seasoned blogger. I introduce to you a first timer, Quashan Lockett on the role of HR. We spoke of employer branding but what about the image of HR? Hear what Karen Goodlett has to say! The veteran Jon Ingham raises thought provoking issues in HR and Asset Management.

This part of the field sees the third cluster. Lost in the crowd? You may need to do some scenario planning with the help of Ann Bares. Using common sense which is not so common we navigate our way with Mark Stelzner. If the guys you wanted to meet seem to have pushed off on leave, read what Gireesh Sharma has to say about Online Leave Management System. Having found them, it’s useful to keep in mind what Lisa Rosendahl has to say about Performance Evaluation.

The fourth cluster is rather crowded. Do I see beer on offer? President Obama joined them for some beer but what happened before that? Jessica Lee reports on the Gates affair in Post Racial America. With lay offs becoming more common place, Amit Bhagria has suggestions on branding yourself. Across the way, Jessica Miller-Merrell talks of social networking to get jobs. Training Time chips in with how to make training more effective.

The HR Store shows the way in the fifth cluster to get the best out of a reference. Adjoining this is another take on performance evaluation from Susan Heathfield. I so much like their byline. About.com-Guidance not Guesswork. Further down, Eric Davis raises an important consideration. Do you get what you pay for? Results of a new Deloitte study are shared by Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership.

The sixth cluster starts with Gautam Ghosh on Aligning HR with Business– something we can do more about. Next on air is Wally Bock with the importance of caring for your people. A question booms on the loudspeakers. Who started the Carnival of HR? As my favorite author, P. G. Wodehouse would say “You get a cigar and a coconut for the right answer.” It’s none other than the Evil HR  Lady here with tips for job seekers.

The last cluster ends with a challenge posed to you by Chris Young. Do you have a Man on the Moon Mindset?

Sadly, we can’t have the next Carnival of HR on the moon. Instead we are having it on August 19-hosted by Training Time. Have fun!