The series called “A Step A Day” was started with this objective: To provide perspective and provoke thought to facilitate self-development across a wide spectrum of issues- big and small- crucial for executive success.

One of the points of interest for me in writing “A Step A Day” is to come up with a different theme each day. There are advantages and disadvantages of following a single theme. For instance, if I were writing about “Effective Meetings “and did a series of 5 posts on this, I recognize it might be easier for the reader to digest. However, wouldn’t it be rather monotonous for the reader?

The current practice enables me to write about topics which cover a wide spectrum of issues. A quick look at the posts indicate that the last 5 were on:

  • Training Facilitation- Kinds of Participants
  • Teamwork
  • Competency Model
  • Team Building
  • Better to be Over Dressed than Under Dressed

I feel the present practice makes for more interesting reading. What are your views?

As far as the content is concerned, I try to achieve a balance of anecdotal incidents based on my own experience as well as general information through links to websites that provide good information on the topic. I recognize that readers are busy people so providing links helps them see material in greater depth at their convenience.

Length of the post is another issue. I have tried to keep the posts within 500 words, if not less. Too short a post makes it difficult to give detail. Too long a post loses reader attention. This is a tough one with perhaps no right answer. I would say it largely depends on the individual reader.

The objective of this post is to get feedback on the “A Step A Day” series. Your views and suggestions for improvement are most welcome.

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