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Can you stay without the newspaper, television, radio or the internet for 4 days? Yes, you can. As a friend said, ” You did it and lived to tell the tale.” I did this out of my own choice recently as my wife and I went on a pilgrimage to the temple of Lord Mangesh at a small village called Mangeshi in the south of Goa.This is a charming place nestling among wooded small hills at Priol. The nearest town of some size is Ponda, about 6 kilometers away. If you want something bigger, you need to settle for Madgoan which is about 26 kilometers away in one direction or the capital of Goa, Panaji which is 21 kilometers away in the opposite direction. Goa Tourism is pretty well organized and you can quite safely opt for their tours and packages.

Mangeshi is a regular feature on every tourist’s schedule. It’s a very old temple which goes back to the 1560s if I recall correctly. Our family deity or “kuldev” is Mangesh, we worship this god who is another form of Lord Shiva.

We have been visiting Mangeshi for over 25 years now and see many improvements over time. To give you a pictorial description of what it’s like, have a look at this album I created on my return to Bangalore yesterday.