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Everything in the world is relative. This summer has been hotter than ever before, or so it seems to us. We often reflect on how Bengaluru famed for its wonderful climate could have become like this. Yet, see the faces of those who deplane at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport and you will find most have broad smiles when they realize how much better Bengaluru is compared to wherever they came from. Same is the case at the City Railway Station. Namma Bengaluru may be bad in some aspects but it is far better than most cities in India in many other aspects.

I still remember seeing , “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” as a college kid with Clint Eastwood in the main role. The name of this movie became a household phrase and went “viral” as we would say these days. Today’s post is about the good, the bad and the ugly in Bengaluru. Being the supreme optimist, I shall start with the Ugly and end with the Good.

Kids appearing for their Pre-University exams were furious because of leaks in the question papers compelling these examination to be held again- and again. The ugly face of Bengaluru saw a PA to a Minister and a few others arrested for their involvement in leaking out the question papers. There are reasons to believe that a syndicate of ” tutorial classes” may be involved who charge their students for access to these question papers well before the actual examinations. How deeply corruption has seeped into our examination system! It is reported that the Minister’s PA made Rs 10 lakhs ( Rs 10,00,000) in a few hours. Let’s hope those responsible will be severely punished for their ugly deeds.

The bad news involves the number of traffic accidents that take place in our City. Everyday in the newspapers you read of men and women, sometimes with children involved too, dying or being seriously injured due to traffic accidents. There were 714 fatal accidents in 2015 and already there have been 116 till February of this year, Drunken and/or rash driving seems to have become more common now. As many as 62576 cases were booked under drunken driving in 2015. A 58-year-old doctor in his top end Mercedes C220 mowed down a few people recently. This article in the Bangalore Mirror gives all the gory details. While I am sure his lawyers will spring to his defence since he is an affluent man, it would appear that he was intoxicated from what has been reported.

The good news is that Bengaluru continues to be a centre for educational excellence. A recently published ranking of educational institutes by the Government of India saw the Indian Institute of Science emerge as the top university in the country. It is heartening to see that the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore rates No. 1 amongst the management institutes. This is indeed good news for Bengaluru as the cream of India’s talent dream of getting admitted to these prestigious institutions. Equally encouraging is the news that Karnataka continues to the country’s top job creator with over 24 % in the last quarter of the last fiscal year according to a study published recently by Assocham. This helps me end on a positive note!