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In a few days, one more year would have gone by. 2015 will make way for 2016 and I hope the new year brings in peace and happiness for all of us. This made me reflect on the past year and I share these with you today. Firstly, let me cover the matter of my posting regularly in this blog. Largely due to ill-health for three months in the last part of the year, I did not post as frequently as I used to. I hope to do better in the new year. 

I am probably biased by my recent experiences but it reinforced in me the belief that there is nothing more precious than good health. I have been through open heart bypass surgery five years ago, but have not suffered as much physical pain as I did this year when I had problems with my prostate resulting in two rounds of cystoscopy. Nothing that I have come across so far has been worse than Acute Urinary Retention, a condition which results in your inability to perform a basic physiological task, that of urination. On four or five occasions, I had to undergo catheterization. Those who have gone through this will know the hassles involved. It was also during this illness that for the first time I had to use a urobag with its attendant issues.

You may have loads of money (undoubtedly a very useful thing to have), and many material assets but with poor health, you might as well not have them at all!  It’s not for me to preach but with a renewed emphasis on fitness the world over, which wasn’t there quite as much when I grew up, here are a few articles I found particularly informative and stimulating:

  • 5 Popular Anti-aging Supplements from How Stuff Works- Health, gives you tips which are quite easily implementable. Yes, even the one about quitting the smoking habit. I know from personal experience because I chucked up the habit in 2003, after having smoked for 35 years.
  • 12 Ways To Fight Stress and Help Your Heart reminds us that too much of stress is a silent killer. There are many ways in which we can combat stress and keep it within manageable limits. Choose what works best for you because this is a highly person dependent issue. You may love an activity which someone else may not but you should do what helps you, even if it means often fighting peer pressure.
  • 9 Ways To Maintain a Balanced Diet helps you understand the kind of foods that do you good. You may have to invest a little time in reading this article but it is worth time spent as increasingly in India obesity, even amongst the young, is becoming a big threat to the health and well-being of many professionals.

I wish you a Very Happy New Year and hope you will enjoy the best of health and every success in 2016.