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In December 2014, addressing the United Nations for the first time, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi made a plea that the ancient form of meditation and exercise called yoga known to India for over 5000 years be celebrated by having an International Yoga Day. He was right in asking for this as yoga is increasingly becoming popular all over the world  with people embracing it irrespective of their age, gender or political affinity. Over time, his request was supported by over 175 member nations of the UN. 

Accordingly, today June 21 is the first time the world celebrates International Yoga Day. It is reported that it was observed in 251 cities in 191 countries across the globe. This is an awesome start and an indication of just how popular it is likely to become in the years to come.

I felt particularly touched to see Indian Army men perform yoga this morning at heights above 18,000 feet at the Siachen Glacier area where the temperature at 7 a.m was -4 degrees Celsius.

Leading from the front, our Prime Minister himself participated in the yoga done this morning by over 35,000 people in New Delhi to celebrate the day. The art of yoga comes about through a combination of breathing techniques called Pranayama and meditation called Dhyaan.

The daily practice of yoga helps you to combat the stressors of daily life more effectively and stay more relaxed, thus improving your productivity and state of mind.