Today is the birth anniversary of one of India’s greatest sons, sadly one who was never fully given his due, Babasaheb Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, independent India’s first Law Minister. We can never forget that he was the principal architect of our Constitution, and one who wanted an uniform civil code apart from his phenomenal efforts to eradicate untouchability and the evils of the caste system. In this article, the eminent journalist, the late Mr. B. G. Verghese writes about some of Dr. Ambedkar’s contributions and how we as a country went wrong through blind hero worship.

The contributions made by Dr. Ambedkar should be seen in the context of his own humble background and the times he lived in. It was due to the generosity of the Maharaja of Baroda who was famous for his philanthropy that Ambedkar got an opportunity to first do his graduation and later his post graduation at the famous Columbia University in the United States. He was a man of strong principles and did not hesitate to state his point of view especially when it came to matters where he disagreed with Nehru and other leaders of that time.

Those, especially among the youth of India, who may not know much about his thoughts on different issues may like to see some of his most famous quotations here.