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There have been many posts on Executive Coaching in the past in this blog. I love to read about the experience of others in the field and get new perspectives as the years go by.  I have always had deep admiration for the work of Dr. Kenneth Blanchard and I still recall the very informative and educative discussions I had when I visited Blanchard in San Diego many years ago. In this context, here’s an interesting article from Blanchard LeaderChat in which Patricia Overland lists five common mistakes companies make when they commence on an executive coaching initiative. You can learn from the mistakes that others have made!

One of the biggest problems is making sure the person being coached is committed to the initiative. Is he there only because he has been forced to join the initiative or does he sincerely believe you could help him better himself and his performance?

HBR had this survey- “What Can Coaches Do For You?”-  in 2009 about different facets of executive coaching. This gives you insight into what thought leaders like Ram Charan have to say on the subject. We are now in 2015 but I am sure if this survey is done again today the issues and the responses would remain largely the same