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Ms. Middle Manager, if you don’t keep an eye open for opportunities to sharpen your skills and learn new ones, you could end up facing a mid-career crisis the impact of which will leave you flattened. Organisations being pyramidal structures, there’s less room at the top and plenty at the bottom but the problem is that you are in the middle of a fast-shrinking middle!

You typically have 10 years of experience and have enjoyed the fruits of your success. Here’s news that the inevitable is about to happen. many organisations, including supposedly the top IT companies in India are seriously re-looking at the role of the middle manager. Just how much value is she adding? Can her position be dispensed with? Can higher levels of automation replace the routine functions of allotting tasks, people and so on which have become a major chunk of the middle manager’s job?

Apparently, middle managers account for 10-15 % of the workforce in most of the big IT companies. With their profit margins under pressure, companies seek to cut the flab and there are no prizes for guessing on whom the axe will first fall!

It’s about time our middle managers smelled the coffee. they need to take responsibility for their own career development. They also need to figure out what their life goals are and how they can achieve them. They may like to see “7 Steps To A Better Life”!