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Ah, the elevator pitch. We have talked and read about this for long.  The Entrepreneur says, “An elevator pitch is a conversation, or an ice breaker, that will (hopefully) lead into a deeper dialogue about the functionality, and specialty, of what you and your company can offer.” Often it is said that these 60 seconds are the ones that matter the most.

I was fascinated to read about Courtyard Marriott’s initiative with the Economic Times called The Young Entrepreneur Challenge. In this competition, young entrepreneurs between 18 and 25 submit a business idea which if declared the final winner gives them a cool INR 1 million.

Apparently they received over 1000 entries and are currently in the process of short listing the five finalists. Later, you and I as the public can contribute to the competition by voting for what we think is the best idea.

I don’t want to spoil this for you by describing some of the ideas in the fray. Have a look for yourself. Some of them are innovative and could change the way we think of certain applications.