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In most urban families in India these days, it is fairly common to have multiple wage earners. There was a time, long ago, when the man of the house was considered the bread-winner and ladies generally stayed at home and looked after their families. Today, in India, 24 % of the work force is made up of women, 117 million of them. Most of them have children to look after even as they pursue their careers. They are truly Super Moms as they rush from place to place, balancing the demands of work and family as only they can.

These days though men are taking much more interest and pitching in to do the household chores the brunt of managing the house still rests with the lady of the house. They are as ambitious as anybody else and a study conducted by the New York based Center for Talent innovation found that Indian working women are among the most ambitious. 

It is a tough task to pursue one’s career and look after the house. While they get satisfaction from pursuing their professional interests, there sometimes is a price to pay for the resultant increase in stress levels. Seeing the life styles of many women these days I am not at all surprised to know that heart attacks among Indian women are on the rise.

I do hope they will pay as much attention to their own health as they do to that of their family members.