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I have been fascinated by the world of advertising for long. I admire the many innovations that advertisers come up with to share their message with their target audience.  After all the objective of advertising is to get the guy to buy the product.I remember reading with great interest “Ogilvy on Advertising” by David Ogilvy who was the long time guru of advertising. 

Hindustan Lever has once again come up with an innovative campaign for their toothpaste, Pepsodent. Fighting for a bigger slice of the Rs 6000 crore oral care market in India, they got “bhelpuri “ sellers in Mumbai to sell their wares in leaflets supplied by the company. These have colourful oral care messages on them. What an innovative way of marketing their message! In any case, these bhelpuri walas would have used some old newspaper to wrap the bhelpuri while selling their wares. Here Hindustan Lever cleverly stepped in with their own wrappers and their own message.

Earlier during the Maha Khumb Mela they had advertisements for their handwashing campaign, primarily through their Lifebuoy Soaps, stamped into the millions of rotis made for the occasion. These asked, ” Did you wash your hands with Lifebouy?” in Hindi. Their target: over 2.5 million people who visit this historic mela.

Another series of advertisements which have thrilled and swayed popular opinion in urban India for decades have been those from Amul. They are so topical, so timely and so relevant that we eagerly look forward to what Amul has to say whenever some news making event takes place in India!

The world of advertising calls for new ways of placing your message where it matters. In the minds of your audience. The challenge is not only to get the attention of your potential buyer but to persuade him to buy your product.  I am sure Mr. Ogilvy would have approved of all that Hindustan Lever and Amul have been doing in most of their advertising campaigns.