I came across these articles which I thought I would share today as they include some important tips to help you achieve success in your career. In the first one, the phenomenon of “procrastination” is discussed. I have written about this myself here in this blog. We tend to put off things we don’t like doing. If I were to be invited to receive a prize for being the Best Blogger On Earth I would be there in seconds, but if you ask me to list all the bloggers who participated and analyse their writing styles, I might think of a million reasons why I shouldn’t do it, now, if at all.Joseph Ferrari, Professor of Psychology in the De Paul University in Chicago has this to say about the three types of Procrastinators. Read it and see where you fit in and what you can do to overcome procrastination. You can start by checking the link right away and not pushing it to a future moment!

Many have started their careers to find that their work and contributions are not adequately recognized. They think it’s the job of their boss to see what they have contributed, But if the boss has many other people to supervise and co-ordinate with she might not highlight your contributions as much as you would like her to.

In his blog, Dan Schawbel speaks of the need to sell yourself. Read all that he has written because he has many tips which will help you succeed in your career.