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There is so much going on around us that we are likely to be swamped with an overload of detail from things that we take in. However, there are some things that stick in your mind and many others that don’t. If you see the last few days, here are a few of the things that stayed in my mind:

  • The shocking case in Bangalore, where I live, in which a six-year old school girl was raped at her school has horrified all right thinking people. I cannot understand how people can act in such sick ways. As I write this, the police claim they have arrested a suspect called Mustafa, but he has not yet confessed to his crime. At another level, it is clear that a nexus between those who run the school and bureaucrats responsible for granting licences and the like help them create organisations which are really so shallow despite a grand external edifice. The news channels have it that the suspect was sacked from another school a few years ago for mis-behaviour, but that school chose to let him go without reporting his misdeeds to the police as they ought to have done. The way an organisation, including a school, is managed really depends on the culture set at the top.
  • Speaking of most admired companies, what did Eric Schmidt, former CEO and now Chairman of Google say, about different things? This collection of some of what he said speaks volumes of his influence in setting the organisational culture in Google, which is one of the most admired companies in the world.
  • On an entirely different field, we had another story that brought cheer to us. The long-haired and lanky Ishant Sharma, the much maligned Indian pace bowler was instrumental in India winning the Second Test cricket match at Lord’s in the series versus England. Sharma displayed some fiery fast bowling the likes of which has not been seen from an Indian paceman since long. Sharma’s spell of 7/74 took India to victory for only the second time in 28 years. It felt great to see India win and that too at Lord’s, still hallowed to many of us as the “Mecca of Cricket.”