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Interested as I am in keeping an eye on trends in the corporate world, here are a few published items which caught my attention:-

  1. Increased collaboration between the CFO and the CHRO is a must for organisations to succeed in present times. Rising costs of labour and the scarcity of talent are but two of the reasons why this has become crucial. This piece from EY gives fresh insight.
  2. Satisfied employees make a huge difference to the bottom lines of organisations. What makes companies like Google feature year after year in the list of organisations which are most sought after. Here is why Google is named “India’s Best Company To Work For” in 2013.
  3. Sharad Verma, Senior HR Director at SunGard Global Technology submits his assessment of the trends for HR in 2014 in SHRM.

As the world around us becomes increasingly competitive, the only way to survive is to learn from the best. A study of the trends mentioned above could help keep us on track to stay abreast.