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Over the last year or so, my wife has been busy with her cooking blog called, “Cooking With Shobana.” I first encouraged her from a distance and as time went by saw myself getting more attracted to matters cooking, which was something that never interested me in the past. I also discovered the challenges of taking attractive pictures of dishes rather than just eating them. It was perhaps natural therefore that I found myself reading more about food though my knowledge of cooking stops with making a rudimentary cup of tea or coffee. I was fascinated that some of the things I enjoyed were supposed to be good for health.  If you like red wine, here’s some good news for you. As is popularly known, and confirmed once again by a study by the Scripps Research Institute red wine is considered beneficial especially in fighting heart disease. Needless to say, this well-meaning advice from me must contain a caveat that red wine, like anything else, should be drunk in moderation. This article from WebMD answers your question as to how much of red wine is good for you!

Like me, if you are fond of dark chocolate, you might be  re-assured to know that it is (again in moderation, of course) good for health in many ways.

As you probably know, the spices we traditionally use in Indian cooking are also good for health. As elaborated in this article in the Times if India some of them are supposedly effective in  keeping the dreaded cancer at bay.

Here’s hoping that I have succeeded in re-assuring myself and persuading you that  three things I like, red wine, dark chocolates and spices are really good for you!