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It is the ambition of many of India’s youth to seek admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology. For the average aspirant, the numbers are stacked against him. I don’t have the figures readily available for this year but find that in 2013 over 1.4 million students attempted the JEE. Ultimately, just 9647 of them will get admission as that’s the number of seats in the undergraduate programs in the IITs. There is no denying that passing out of the IITs definitely give you a good start to your career and often considerably improve the economic and social position of your family. In this backdrop, I was delighted to read in the newspapers today that 34 students from TAPAS, a free residential program initiated by Rashtrotthana and BASE have performed very creditably in the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) for 2014. This entrance examination determines admission to the IITS.

TAPAS is an initiative of Rashtrotthana with academic support being provided by the famous institution called BASE which every year sends a sizeable number of students to the IITs. The students chosen under this program are provided all facilities for completing PUC and preparation for the IIT JEE training. These students are from the low-income group, whose parents work as daily wage earners, cobblers, auto drivers and house maids

This year students from TAPAS did very well in the JEE with 30 out of 34 students qualified in JEE Main and were eligible to appear for JEE Advanced. 7 have qualified in the JEE-Advanced and become eligible for entry into IITs.

This is indeed a remarkable initiative. I hope the boys do very well in their future endeavours and also wish TAPAS many more successes in the years to come.