Yes, it’s early days yet as after all the NDA Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office only two weeks ago. What’s been encouraging is that they seem to have hit the road running as they say. Today addressing the Parliament, President Pranab Mukherjee laid down the economic approach of the new Government. This is summarized in this article in the Economic Times. The challenges are many. However, the first reports indicate that the sheer dynamism and energy shown by the Prime Minister has galvanised the bureaucracy like never before. He had an unprecedented meeting with all the top bureaucrats assuring them of his support if they delivered results without fear or favour. Other reports suggest that there is greater emphasis on efficiency and a stronger work ethic which comes as a refreshing change after the evident sycophancy associated with the previous Government.

Changes in work conduct upper most in Modi’s mind are not restricted to bureaucrats alone. He has laid down strict guidelines for his MPs which is a welcome move to regulate their conduct. Hopefully, he will be able to get them to toe the line and inculcate a new work ethic amongst them, something which we desperately need in our Members of Parliament.

Newspaper reports suggest that some Ministers have already shown a tough face to “freebies” which was common during earlier regimes. They have highlighted that performance and delivering results counts for more in the Modi Sarkaar. These are positive signs of an earnest effort to clean up a rotting system.

It’s early days yet, but with the kind of mandate Mr. Modi has, I shall not be surprised if he is able to show discernible results faster than most would have expected.