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From time to time, one comes across stories of ordinary folk who overcome life’s obstacles and succeed despite the odds being against them. In some cases, they have done what was never done before in their families or immediate society. In many cases, the lack of education and skills is what keeps them in poverty. For a large country like India which has its share of the poor, education is the prime driver for social and economic advancement. There is no other option. Doles won’t help in the long run. The Government must help people help themselves by increasing their skill levels and making them more employable.

Fortunately, from time to time, we do come across a few cases, which I would like to share today:-

  • To set the context, here’s an article which speaks of some of the most popular figures in India today like Prime Minister designate Narendra Modi, India’s super star Rajnikant and the Man with the Golden Touch in cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They all came up from relatively poor backgrounds.
  • Thanks to LabourNet, skills are being taught to people who benefit by growing to be economically independent.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, in India students (boys and girls alike) would give an arm and a leg to get admission into the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology. More girls are taking to higher education so as to become economically independent and live their dreams. Recently two girls hit the headlines. when they became the first to feature in the Top Ten. These toppers count among 1,15,971 students who appeared for the IIT-JEE (advanced) of which 21,110 qualified for the examinations.
  • Here is the story of Rajiv Dandotiya who benefitted by his success in the IIT JEE. Today he is a successful executive in a multinational firm. Years ago, he was considered a poor student.

At the end of the day, it ultimately depends on the efforts made by individuals but the Government and those in power can certainly give them opportunities which they may not have enjoyed before.