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In Stories From A Story Teller, I have written about getting set for the Blogging A to Z Challenge which started on April 1. I had last participated in 2011 so I welcomed the opportunity to join in this year. I was impressed to find that the event has been growing over the years. It was great to see that in this year’s edition we have as many as 2100 bloggers from all over the world.

The best part of the challenge is that you are free to blog about whatever catches your fancy. Of course, there are themes which you can select from: for example, the long list of themes covers, amongst others, topics as varied as writing, gaming, social media, politics and humour. You can, as I have, choose to go in opting for no theme at all.

This gives me greater flexibility to write at least 250-300 words every day for the next month on topics which come to mind and are highly varied. For example, to see what I have done so far, I started with A for April, them moved to B for Book Reviews, C for Characters and D for Diaries. Drop in at my writing blog and see these posts when ever you feel like.

The best part of the A to Z Challenge is that participants are encouraged to visit at least 5 blogs every day. You can of course visit more if you have the inclination and the time. You are expected to leave a comment, or share that post which you have liked on Twitter, Facebook , Google + etc. By doing so, that blog gets more publicity.

I have thought up topics for the rest of the days in April and look forward to dashing off these posts. I look forward too to seeing many interesting blogs and making new friends in the process during this exciting month.