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Whenever a person of Indian origin makes the headlines in the United States, people in India tend to get very excited. I guess we take a vicarious pleasure in watching his/her achievements and feel proud that “one of us” has got to where he has. A recent story, of course, is that of 46-year-old Satya Nadella, who was appointed CEO of that powerhouse Microsoft yesterday.

In time there will be thousands of articles floating around about him and his achievements. Indian TV program directors are scrambling to interview his old teachers, family and friends in Hyderabad where he studied as a kid. Everyone wants to relate a story about him.

Here’s what his company has to say about him. He recently spoke of what he considered most important, “Our industry does not respect tradition. It only respects innovation.”

I liked the first email Nadella shot off to the Microsoft employees on becoming the CEO. It speaks of his humility and direct approach, well-known as he is for being strong in collaboration.

The world of business will of course look very closely at Satya Nadella in his new role. I, for one, wish him every success. May he keep the consumer in mind as he brings about more innovation in Microsoft whose products touch our lives every day, in fact every moment even as I write these few lines.