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Enlightened organisations have always believed that it pays to invest in CEO coaching. Not only does this make the incumbent more effective, it sends a strong message within the organisation that it takes the development of human potential very seriously at all levels. Coaching is not some remedy for ineffective performance for those lagging behind.

An interesting survey reported in the prestigious HBR,showed that only 34 % of CEOs are getting coached. I guess though that this trend is on the increase. I don’t have the numbers but I am sure this figure would have much lower a decade ago.

This survey conducted by Stanford University and the Miles Group covered some 200 CEOs and was coordinated by David Larcker of Stanford’s’ Graduate School of Business and the CEO of the Miles Group, Stephen Miles.

Interestingly, over 78 % said this coaching initiative came from the CEO themselves which is a very positive sign.

The article in the HBR by Gretchen Gavett, Associate Editor of the HBR is in the form of a conversation with Larcker and Miles throws up some interesting data about the areas in which the CEOs believe they require coaching, and what their Boards feel about the same,

If you are a CXO, read this and figure out your own needs. If you are someone much lower down the organisation, this indicates to you that CEOs too are human and have developmental needs same as you.