Let’s face it. It’s not only here to stay but social media has swamped our lives, at home just as much as at work. Irrespective of your age or position in the organization, you find yourself pulled into the web of social media. If not to be with the times, or simply to know what is going on, even older people who looked down on Facebook or Twitter as passing fads have had to re-think.

But how do you manage time to make it worth your while? How do you make your presence felt in social media? Sheila Jordan’s “Top 10 Tips for Executive Social Media” could be a good starting point for you to figure out what you will make of social media.

I am reading a book by Brian E. Boyd, Sr called, “Social Media for the Executive. Maximize Your Brand And Monetize Your Business” in which he describes the entirely new world of social media and how it impacts us in business.  He says, “Social media is the opportunity for you and your brand to connect and build relationships.”

Brian Boyd is the founder and CEO of Media Connect Partners, LLC, a social media firm specializing in delivering real world social media strategies and execution plans that deliver ROI. Boyd combines his 20+ years’ experience in the business and IT worlds to keep his select clients on the cutting edge: Hobby Lobby, Hachette Book Group, Joel Osteen Ministries, Bank of NY Mellon, and more.

Look out for my book review of Boyd’s work which will be up next week in my writing blog, “Writing To Be Read.”

You can read my book review here.