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Have you heard of Big Dog and Little Dog? What do you think a website with such a name would be about? Donald Clark’s site “Big Dog and Little Dog’s Performance Juxtaposition” has been on the internet for 15 years. It has a huge amount of very good material on leadership, training and development, instructional design and knowledge management. I rate this as one of the most useful sites I have come across on performance, learning, leadership, and knowledge.  

As a blogger on people and human resource development, I first came across Don’s blog, called Big Dog, Little Dog naturally, years ago.

One of the things that keeps me going as a blogger is the joy of sharing. We share what we know, and point out sites that we believe would be of use to you. Donald Clark’s is one such website. Use it as an extraordinary resource. Don’t try to read up everything at one go. Bookmark the site and seek it out when you want some authentic information about a problem at work. The chances are you will find something thought-provoking.

Thank you, Donald Clark, for all that you are doing to share knowledge.