Each US $ which cost us INR 45 in 2011, goes for over INR 67 today. The Indian Growth Story which everyone loved is being questioned in debates every day. Is the ruling Government becoming more social by the day, at the cost of economic growth, with General Elections coming up in 6-7 months time? Is it no longer as industry friendly as it seemed to be?  The cost of land acquisition in India is likely to go up significantly causing anxiety to industry says a report with the news laws to come. The Food Security Bill, however laudable its objective is coming in at a very inappropriate time, with the Indian economy limping along at 4.6 % or so.

The debates continue to rage. Is the Great Indian Boom over? Are we sliding back to the days of vote bank socialism? Are we making the poor of India more dependent on doles rather than improving their standards of living and abilities to earn a livelihood? The specter of increased unemployment seems to be on again. Will companies striving to stay profitable dish out another round of pink slips for employees?

With this context, I was very impressed to read a publication by Deloitte which articulates the seven Human Capital Trends for 2013 described as being “a solid checklist for getting started with the crucial conversations important to helping your organization actively engage with one another”.

I believe if you are a CXO, HR Head, business man, entrepreneur, professional serious about your career, or a student of business, you must read this. You will gain from the perspectives you get through reading the report. While the Deloitte report is primarily based on the US, you can’t, in my view, afford to ignore the trends detailed, even if you are in India.