That time of the year is fast approaching. We are on December 28 here in Bangalore, India and 2012 will soon end. This is the time people speak of resolutions for the New Year, though more often than not these resolutions become jokes as the days go by and we find we haven’t followed what we swore we would!

  • ” I am going to concentrate on my studies. Enough of fooling around” said a young college going student.
  • ” I am getting too damn fat. I must exercise much more” said a lady who ate well.
  • ” I have smoked for years now, time to call it quits” said a harried executive who finds societal pressure against smoking much more than ever before.
  • ” I am going to stay cool and not lose my temper” said an old man, getting increasingly angry at the way most things were done today.

I am sure you have heard these and more resolutions and probably made some yourself.

I have some good news for you. The Washington University in St. Louis has put together a  list of tips to make 2013 the best year yet. 13 for ’13 makes a lot of sense and you might be re-assured to know that these are based on decades of study.

So wherever you are, young or old, follow these tips and may you and yours have a great 2013!